from the mailbox:

Fro- Let me introduce myself – I am the woof behind “Eva, a dog”.I came in 4th!  That’s so much better than my owner ever does (well, I call him my “owner”, but we all know who really runs the household). I realize that the 2020 Fro Pool will always have a Roger Maris-like asterisk because not a single game was played, but even so, I’m so proud!  I’m sorry that I had to play against Daisy, but I’m sure that she feels that if she had to lose it would be better to lose to her fellow canines. Now that I have a taste for the Pool, I certainly plan on being a regular participant in future.I say that I did much better than my owner ever does, but that’s not saying very much because I know he’s quite stupid. For instance, every day since I’ve been a puppy he’s asked me the same question ten times: “Who’s a good dog then? Who’s a good dog?” He must be really stupid not to know the answer by now!

Thank you again for giving us all so much laughter and light relief. Please say hello to your family and give a good woof to Daisy.Well, it’s time for today’s Doctor Who. Take care.

Eva, a dog.