I lay awake and strap myself in the bed

America vs Astros and Golf vs Dogs

Clashes of Titans

Maybe the greatest Final Four of all time.

In the first game, America beat Astros 7-4. The only 4 that picked the Astros were 4 of their hardest core fans: Hugh, Dunkin, Collin and Travis Teichelman. The Astros have had some tough losses over the years. The Mets loss. Getting swept in the World Series by the White Sox. The HR by Pujols that is still in orbit. And of course losing Game 7 to the Nationals and then becoming Public Enemy #1 with the sign stealing scandal. Well, here is another blow to the Astros. Make me want to put a bullet proof vest on and shoot myself in the head.

But America is having a great week. It beat the Astros, our President’s TV ratings for his Coronavirus press conferences are better than the season finale of the Bachelor (that’s awesome!!) and …. well… that’s about all the good going on in America these days. Oh, and we have the Tiger King. That’s it.

In the other game, Dogs beat Golf 8-4. The 4 hard core golfers Scott Anderson, Jon Moore, Kevin Lockley and Tracey McFadden all lost that one. Of course Eva (a dog) voted for Dogs. John Wheeler and Davis Rushing who both wish they were Naughty Dawgs in high school voted for dogs.

Current Standings are updated. Leonidas can win if Dogs win on Friday night. Kevin Lockley can pick up 6 points and move into a tie if America wins. Who will win? Those naughty little dogs or the greatest country of all time? We will see.