In my experience with ButtFaces, you are one.

Golf beat the Mountains 9-6 which put a 2 seed in the Final Four. In retrospect, Root Beer probably didn’t deserve the 1 seed in that region, and golf did. Either way, The Mountains, which seem like they have been around forever are no longer around. Which makes me think of some of my favorite mountain stories:

  • There was the time I ran to the top of Strawberry Hill, but sorta tumbled down. I guess that was a hill and not a mountain
  • There was my first grown up hike with Elliot in Rocky Mountain National Park. I was worried whether he’d be ok. He did better than I did.
  • A rainy day in the cabin with Cameron Moates, pontificating over all of life’s problems and solutions (it turns out they were the same)
  • The time a 5-yr old Elliot saw a bear and said “Daddy, I see a bear” and I mockingly came back with “ooo, is it a big scary bear?” Then I went outside and saw a bear that stood 100 feet tall ready to eat my Elliot in one bite and I calmly(?) told Elliot to slooooowly walk into the cabin.

Good times.

Then dogs beat poker 12-9. Dogs and poker? There hasn’t been that much fun of a combination since the Pawnee / Eagleton Unity Concert.

I wish they could both win, but we have more dog lovers than poker lovers. Before we say goodbye to poker, let me leave you with some of my favorite poker memories (one of which involves a dog):

  • Coining the phrase about Jayson Baird “Pulling a Baird” which was a nicer way to say metaphorically stepping in a pile of sh!t and then later that night he left the garage to relieve himself and literally stepped in a pile of dog sh!t
  • Cameron betting us over poker that White Settlement, TX was named after a guy whose surname was “White.” It was not. It was a reference to lack of Native Americans in the city. I won $5.00
  • Leffler thinking he won a pot that he didn’t
  • The other time Leffler thought he won a pot that he didn’t.

So we have our FInal Four. We will stray from the standard Saturday/Monday format and play the Final Four Wednesday / Friday. So see you in three days.

Current Standings Updated. Kevin Lockley had the most impressive performance this round getting 3 of 4 right. Well done, Kevin! Only a few people are able to still win the pool, but anybody can win the Quotation Contest. Good luck to you