99% of my life I’ve been lied to.

GenXers won by a whopping 29-5 over Millennials, who are just the worst. We were the latchkey generation. The generation that raised itself while our parents both worked and before anybody had invented the phrase “Stranger Danger”. Millennials were pampered their whole life and were told they were special and brilliant and were very confused when they joined the world and found out that nobody else considered them to be all that special or brilliant. They are lazy and self-absorbed and the world was better before they were here and will be better when they are gone. And now they are at least gone from the pool. Of the 5 that voted for them, of course that included Collin, Elise and Elliot who are too young to understand why absolutely everything is wrong with Millennials. Eva doesn’t know better because she is a dog. She probably loves Millens because love their stupid Therapy Dogs they take with them everywhere because they are so special. The last person to vote for Millens was Alex Johans and I can only assume this was a typo on his part.

Game 2 was a shutout 34-0 Dogs over Cats. Yes! A good cat is a dead cat, that’s what Eva and I say. Daisy says it too. Stupid cats. Achooo.

Melinda Friou (aka “NaNa”) beat Martin Buniva 31-3. How could you vote against the sweetest grandma ever? Champ Canonico voted against here and there is a special place in hell for him.

Daisy, my dog, won 32-2 over Sooners. Why in the world Money Aggie voted for Sooners I will never understand. Maybe it’s the “any enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine mentality”. Or stupidity. whatevs, Daisy advances in a landslide. You go girl.

Current Standings updated. McInnis at the top and looking strong with big favorite “Dogs” to win it all.

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