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No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now…

All updates will be here on the weblog (or what the kids call “blog”). Just remember to mail your check (or what the kids call “venmo”)today.

The Skinny

  • Entry fee is $25. You can enter as many times as you want; please use a different name for each entry (e.g., “Conrad, Erich 2”)
  • Mail checks to: Jim Friou 12015 Sugar Springs Houston, TX 77077. No Paypal, no Venmo.
  • Enter by midnight (Central time) on Wednesday March 18
  • Structure:
  • Points for correct pick:
    • 1 point = first round
    • 2 points = second round
    • 3 points = third round
    • 4 points = fourth round
    • 5 points = fifth round
    • 6 points = champion
  • No subtraction of points for incorrect picks. Hazing is possible for particularly bad picks.
  • Tiebreakers:
    • First, total points in final game
    • Then, if you picked the national champion
    • Then, most correct winners in first round
  • Prizes:
    • First place – 40% of the pot
    • Second place – 25% of the pot
    • Third place – 15% of the pot
    • Fourth place – 10% of the pot
    • Fifth place – 6% of the pot
    • Sixth place – 4% of the pot
    • Last place & winner of quotation contest – each get $25 entry fee back

Now, go to the Entry Form and enter your picks.

Pool History

Welcome back to my NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Pool. I have hosted this pool since 1987. Phil Magee, Bill Thomas, Yvonne Harris and I were the only entrants that year. Indiana beat Syracuse in a heartbreaker and I got hooked on college hoops. Thirty two years later, the pool has grown big time, with a peak of 409 participants in 2006. In response to “The Incident”, I started taking measures to limit the pool starting in 2007. In all that time, two men have each won it twice – Erich Bradley Conrad & Adam Wexler. Conrad is an idiot, but he evidently got really lucky. I have only ever done as well as second place. About ½ of the entrants are from Texas and ¼ are from California. It has been an international affair for several years now, with the inclusion of the Muscuvites, the Canadian friends of Darren Moulds and John Williamson and the Mexican, Miguel Espinosa.