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For one shining moment

Congrats to Tech for a heck of a run.

Congrats to UVA for atoning for the worst exit ever a year ago.

Chris Powell got 6th Congrats to our money winners. Mehul beat Ferruzzo on a tiebreaker due to overtime which set out 4th and 5th places. Travis got third (YAY!!!!!!!!!).

Of course Andrew and Glenn got 2nd and 1st. Great job.

The quote contest went…uncontested. Everyone’s a loser.

(and we won our baseball game tonight so quickly, I got home and saw plenty of the basketball game).

Keep it real.


His mama named him (Cassius)

They are celebrating on the streets of Lubbock like it’s prom night. After an embarrassing show by the Big 12, Tech still shines. Their first trip to the Elite Eight and now the 2019 championship game. Git ur gunz upp! Their down tempo game against UVA ensures the final game will end with a score of 1-0, beating the Belmont Duke record of only 2 points scored in a championship game.

Glen Wheeler is our champion. He is half a century old and for the first time in 50 years, something good has happened in his life. He no longer has to live in the giant shadow of John Wheeler.

Andrew Aguilar gets second place. Andrew actually went out, against my advice, and bought that Maserati, and now he can afford the first payment. Well played, AA.

John Stiver and Jake Ryan sneak in if Tech wins it all; John because he actually picked TT and Jake because he somehow survives his Duke pick.

Travis Flinchbaugh, Texas Tech Valedictorian, Class of 2023, gets either 3rd or a tie for 5th, ironically the former happening if his Raiders lose.

If Tech wins, Beau joins Jake Ryan in the money for the 1-2 punch from the Ryans.

If Virginia, Virginia, comes out and don’t make me wait, then Ferruzzo, Patel and Powell win money. Something tells me Chris Beard is going to wake up with a horse’s head bleeding out in his bed to make sure Ferruzzo wins. Mehul and Chris are a bit more cavalier in their approach to winning.

Celebrity Guest Post by Daisy Mae Duke Friou
I’m sideways? …you’re sideways!

It was a tough weekend for me. The West U LL Minor AAA Bulls had a rough loss on Friday and then I needed but didn’t get an Auburn or a Michigan State win. But if Travis wins, I will feel like a winner. And that will give him some serious points in “favorite nephew” contest, but probably not enough to break the tie.

Monday night, the blonde kid that looks like my wife is pitching for the Bulls and I predict good things, but I can also predict that I have to miss the Championship game for the first time since 2003 when I was overseas and only found out Syracuse won when I found an internet cafe with a dial up connection in a random beach town in Portugal and Jane and I waited 10 minutes for to load to give us a score.

But I will get an update in after our game is over and the boy is showered up and asleep.

Until then, keep reaching for the stars, keep your feet on the ground and get your guns up.

Oh, and send in your entry for quote contest.

Another one bites the dust

Trampe, Mallia, Freeman and Potter are the only ones completely eliminated by that crazy game.

Wheeler, Aguilar and Tabis Jump-n-Spash Flinchbaugh place in the money now no matter what happens.