You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it

Only 35 people went 2-0 on the two early games tonight and 5 of them are our top five: Chris Powell, Jake the Snake Ryan, Emma and Thomas Freeman and Brian Trampe Stampe. That Purdue-Tennessee game was pretty awesome. We had turned it off downstairs and went up to get the kids going on their nightly routine and by the time I turned it on upstairs, Tennessee had pulled off a 16-point swing. I thought the no-foul on Tennessee’s Williams was the right call…but that foul at the end of regulation on the 3-pointer…don’t do that. Either mug him and make him miss or leave him alone but that was just a silly worthless little foul, and it cost the Vols the game.

With the Tennessee loss, Martin Buniva can kiss his bracket goodbye. That’s not the only thing he can kiss IYKWIM. This guy also lost the Tennessee game: Perfectamuno nada mas.

John Williamson made a huge jump in the standings by going 2-0. John is going to need that money if Trump does build that wall to keep out our North American neighbors and forces them to pay for it. AMIRITE?

Few may have believed in the Zags but fewer believed in FSU. That said, all in the Canonico house went w Mommy’s alma mater. I could hear the screaming and crying coming from their house which is just around the corner. Lauren was smashing dishes and glasses and boiling bunnies and throwing away Chris’s poker trophies that he won that John Greene didn’t and basically going insane. The kids were crying and Chris was calling West U 911. It was a right mess.

Well I didn’t pick Tech but I am rooting for them in this game going on now. Because I love my nephew.

Friou out.

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