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Bonzai trees, garden gnomes and temporary tattoos…

It’s a wrap.  For one shining moment, Tad and Rowan looked like winners, but Michigan ultimately just didn’t have enough weapons when they finally played a team higher seeded than 6.  And our winners our: Grant, Kyle, McGrrr, Kinely, Dan “THE MAN” Fosco, and Jim Green.  McGrrr and JIm cost themselves some money with a very low tiebreaker in a high scoring game.

Elise Abigail Friou was the highest ranking Friou.  Attagirl.

Quote contest goes to Beau Ryan who wins $25 and a T-shirt.   Bobby Whittington got second place in that contest, a respectable finish for a guy who has only recently learned my sense of humor.  Beau correctly assumed that my approach was the same as all years (save one) and went to all my favorite songs, shows, movies and commercials.  I also quoted myself once.

Dudley got last.

But it isn’t about winning.  It’s about having fun, and getting better every year.  I’m kidding, it’s really just about winning.

Double dog dare me and I will…

Martin Buniva sent a picture of his stupid ugly kids, Jake and Will. He also gave my mom $6 so she could “buy a beer and drown her sorrows about what a dissapointment her son is.  Jerkface.

Hey you winners – here is what your T-shirt will look like from barefootandcrazy.

So please email me your size and address so Greg can ship it to you (and I can mail your money!).  This is for ALL money winners including last place (Dudley!) and quote contest(?????).  Speaking of which, I have a submission on the quote contest so you will now have to do more than get just 1 right in order to win that.  But not much more…

Rebellions are built on hope.

Well, I guess all I can say for those rooting for Kansas is that they never really got their hopes up tonight.

Congratulations to Grant Powell, who is the current year champion.  Well played, Grant.  Grant got  3 of the Final Four teams (missed Loyola, duh!) and nailed today’s games.   That’s what it usually takes to take home the hardware.

If Villanova beats Michigan, we have:

1 Powell, Grant
2t Carter, Kyle
4 Canonico, Kinley
5t Green, Jim

If Michigan beats Villanova:

1 Powell, Grant
2 Hock, Rowan
3t Carter, Kyle
5 Canonico, Kinley
6t Green, Jim
6t Delaney, T 3

MCGRRR2 also wins strangest name contest.  Kyle Carter, who had to enter 5 brackets to win money is now on the long list of Wheeler’s friends that have taken your money in this pool.  Kinley Canonico daughter of Champ Canonico has had a strange year, but good to see her win dome dough.  FOSCO also entered two brackets (what ever happened to BRACKET OF INTEGRITYYYYY?!?) but a tiebreaker could leave him out in the cold.  Jim Green, the biggest loudmouth in the pool is in the same boat.  If he wins, watch out, we will never hear the end of it.  HE WILL NEVER GET HIS COMEUPPANCE!

Quote contest is wide open with…. lemme count here… ok, there’s all these in this pile…. don’t forget those…. add them up …. carry the 1… ok, we have zero entries.  So get one quote now and you will be in the lead.

All winners get a T-shirt from Barefoot and Crazy.  Greg, shoot me a pic (if you did and I missed it, sorry).

To Sister Jean, Happy Easter.  To everyone else, may your flushes be straight, may your cups floweth over and may the Force be with you.