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Tin Roof, Busted!

Purdue beat Butler to win the Best Team in the Second Lamest State in the Union Trophy (see Kansas discussion below.)  As 274 out of 317 brackets had Purdue that did as much damage to our pool as Needham did to the Chi-O house.  (i.e., almost none at all)

Nevada slipped past Cincy.  Only 10 people had that one.  One of those was Tad Delaney who is in first place.  Nice job, Tad.

A&M beat UNC.  I totally called that.  It was sooooo obvious to me that A&M is a fantastically great basketball team and UNC had no chance at all.  You heard it here first.  Yesssireeee.   I would never EVER on this sit disparage the Aggies and their chances.  That would just be petty and mean and so obviously biased given my burnt orange blood.

Clemson put the hurt on Auburn to the tune of a 31 point victory.   Suck on that, Sir Charles!  Once again, Tad was on the winning side of that one.  Can this guy lose?  He is like UMBC, just charmed and unbeatable, right?


Kansas State won a thriller against UMBC, a game in which the final score did not do justice to how close the game was.  Ryan McKenny had a heart attack over that.  His team, the other school in kansas, doesn’t usually get the basketball attention that Kansas does.  In fact, KSU usually doesn’t get much attention for anything at all, unless you consider John Deere racing a sport (Ryan does.)  So in the land of no trees, there is a lot of excitement over making the Sweet Sixteen.  How sweet it is.

Two more games to go.  Too bad McKenny will miss them while he in the ER.  I won’t…

U Must B Cinderella.

Only 6 people picked Cuse over MSU, and 3 of those 6 are Keegans.  Baird wept.  So did I.   Elise had MSU in her Final Four.   That game caused a lot of damage to a lot of brackets.  More damage than Cameron Moates has caused with his snoring, more damage than Davis Rushing has caused with his boring, more damage than a case of MD 20/20 smashed on your hardwood flooring.  But for us with our money on Duke, it was good to see MSU knocked out of the Midwest.

Plenty good games to go today….UNC just tipped off against aggy.   Get yer popcorn… aggy losing is good entertainment.



I think everyone’s aware of that. Thanks for bringing that up again.

First of eight games down and Purdue advances over Butler.  Not a big surprise with 274 of 317 of us picking Purdue, so not a big shake up in the standings.

Next is Cuse vs the Izzos and UNC vs aggy.   Both are intriguing with a scrappy underdog (in one case, a collie) against a basketball giant.

Standings updated…..I am in 18th place.  Martin Buniva is in 288th place and my mom is in 95th.  Suck on that, Martin.


As we roll to that goal, Varsity

Some good upsets today.  Kentucky won, and only 91 people picked them (one was SMELLiot Friou).  Loyola pulled off a nice one, and only 35 people had that.  But the thriller of the night was UH with the lead at the foul line where they missed both shots then with 3 seconds left, Michigan got off a pass to an open man (who was fouled?) who made the three to win.  That was a shot in the gut to Cougar Nation.

Speaking of Cougar (grrrrrr) Nation, Sophia Ramos and Amy Munger are sitting pretty on top of 300+ younger men (ok, give Sophia another 40 years and then we can call her a cougar.) But of course, Amy is in bad shape with her Arizona pick for the champ.

But the man of the day was Tad Delaney who went an amazing 8-0 today.  I’d like to have gone 8-0 too but I will take a Houston winter over an Ohio winter any day!  But he cut his teeth in Russia, so that Rust Belt snow doesn’t bother him.

What bothers me is that I am no longer a “first page guy” and I now have to scroll down to find myself.  But I am doing better than the other Frious who are more like 6th page guys.

Tomorrow is a big day.  I am dying to see if Kentucky will play a 9 or a 16 seed in the Sweet Sixteen.   You have to fancy Kentucky’s chances of making the Elite Eight like Kyle Liner’s chances of getting ejected from a friendly softball game.  Or Martin Buniva’s chances of winning a cage match against an all you can eat buffet (Vegas wouldn’t even post odds on that one.)  Plus it will be cool to see UMBC play again.   Go Retrievers!  That’s right, aside from being a huge Cinderella (not to be confused with being a huge Fairy, that would be Hugh), if you have Arizona going far, you really need the Retrievers to keep KSU, Kentucky and Cincinnati from going too far.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  SMELLiot cooked burgers and my folks came over.  I got a cool Astros book and a Trellis Spa gift certificate.

I need to make an update to an earlier post.  There is a third thing I never thought would happen.  Well, Baird had another kid which implies that something I considered impossible has happened at least twice now.

My friend Cor and his wife had a baby boy today, so that makes him a St Paddy’s kid just like me and Marlowe, which means he is destined to become a fine upstanding citizen just like us.  By Marlowe being an upstanding citizen, I mean doing things like when he got so wasted that he did a belly flop onto a table and shattered it at a work function.

Will Dudley is in last place and looks terrible with UH, TCU and Miami in the FInal Four.  His fourth FF pick is TTech whose tortilla will stop flying soon.

The Aggies play tomorrow, so here is one of my favorite Aggie jokes…

An ventriloquist is walking through the country and stumbles across an Aggie Farmer’s farm. The ventriloquist says, “Hey Aggie, you mind if I talk to your chicken?”

Aggies says, “You don’t want to do that.”


“Chickens don’t talk.”

So the ventriloquist pulls his trick and asks the chicken what he has been up to and the chicken replies, “just eating corn and poking around.”

Aggie is shocked.

Then the ventriloquist asks if he can talk to the Aggie’s horse.

“You don’t want to talk to the horse.”


“Horses don’t talk.”

So the ventriloquist pulls his trick and asks the horse what he has been up to and the horse replies, “just pulling plows and stuff.”

Aggie is shocked.

Then the ventriloquist asks if he can talk to the Aggie’s sheep.

“You don’t want to talk to the sheep.”


“Sheep lie.”

pu-duh-pum.  Thank you, I will be here all March.

Update: I just looked at the standings on my (larger) PC screen and on that screen I am a first page guy.  Go Fro!

We’re just a 16 seed, happy to be here, also we’re up 35-24 on No.1 Virginia with Jairus going to the line to shoot 3 ft with 15:52 left

The UMBC twitter feed was solid gold.

“UMBC has more ACC wins than Pitt”

Just happy to be here, indeed.

Standings are current through 16 of the 31 games.   And I updated my age 32 minutes ago: 45 years old. And I fixed some broken links taking you to last years pool (although dequita hall is preferring those posts over this year’s posts…)



Alcohol: both the cause and the solution to all of life’s problems.

As if our Fort Worthless friends Cameron and Needham weren’t bummed enough about the UT loss, their hometown Horned Frogs just lost, too.  McInnis, Ryan Riddle, Tabis Jump ‘n Spash and all TCU fans around the state are bummed.  But 86 people are pumped to get Syracuse right.  Baird and I ALWAYS go big on ‘Cuse but we both filled out our brackets before Syracuse even won their play-in game (stupid play in games…. they are even stupider than stupid Flanders.)

Two more games

Why have I always been a failure? What can the reason be? I wonder if the world is to blame I wonder if it could be me

There are a few things in life I thought I would never see.  Two of them are:

  1.  A woman anybody deciding to marry Jason Baird.
  2. The #1 overall seed losing by twenty points to a 16 seed.  Hell, I didn’t think I would ever see a 16 seed win at all by any margin.

And now I’ve seen it all.

Wow.  Un-freaking-believable.    Absolutely nobody picked The UMBC Retrievers, not even a Keegan.  Damn they looked good, alternately draining threes and driving the lane.  UVA dominated the ACC TOURNAMENT and couldn’t get within 20 in their only game in the NCAA tournament.  I haven’t seen a fall from grace this big since Needham left his glory days at Arlington Heights High School only to fall flat on his face as the biggest goat of the UT fraternity scene.

Since our first place man Trace McFadden has UVA to win it all, methinks he won’t stay in first place for much longer.   Speaking of not much longer, Matt McCann also has UVA.  So we should see the top dogs fall down in the rankings making room for the rest of us.

If you have UVA in the final four, don’t feel too bad….176 brackets have them in the final four and of those, 126 have them in the championship game.  You are a loser, but a loser in good company.

3 games to go.

It’s over now. I’m cold, alone. I’m just a person on my own.

Twelve games in the bag today.  The one that got the most attention in these here parts was UT against Nevada.

Cameron feeling really good about Megan’s UT pick


for a midget he looks pretty scary

Needham feeling even better

But OT was not good for the Horns in the way OD was not good for Len Bias.  And once again, UT proves its irrelevance in all sports.  Oh well, at least the Aggies will again do what they always do: win just enough to get the hopes up of their fans unnecessarily high, only to make the crash down to reality hurt that much more.  (Yes, the smack talk has come down to basically “at least we lose early”).

The UT tournament loss usually gets me pretty down but what really depressed me this year was watching them all season.  We just aren’t good.  Speaking of just not good, Michael Keegan is our current bottom dweller.   At least he stands a chance of winning the last place prize (and a T shirt).   And of course we all could still win the prize for the quotation contest which is being made easier this year with Robert Dies’s generous habit of giving away the answers in the comments to these posts.   Robert…hang onto those and submit them via email at the end of the pool!   But he is just giving away the source of the quote, not its relevance to the post it precedes.

So anyway, I drowned my UT sorrows with David Hock with some garlicy wings at BWW.  It helped although I pity the fool that smells me tonight.

The other big game was Marshall upsetting the Shockers in a ….. do I say it?. … a……shocker.  I haven’t seen so many worthless shockers since the unauthorized release of Nolan Preston’s videos from last year’s post- softball tournament party in his hotel room.  81 people picked Marshall to win that game, but it is mainly sons and daughters of the usual players which either means that the young ones are smarter than we are (in Ellie Keegan’s case, that is definitely true) or it means that a lot of people go conservative in their own bracket then have a crazy bracket they enter under their kid’s name (Exhibit A: my daughter does not fill out her own bracket.)  Either way, that was a ballsy and good pick.

Tracey McFadden is all alone in first but Sophia Ramos and Jim McManus are nipping at his heels.  Speaking of nipping and heels, Meredith Liner is looking good in 4th place along with a lot of really awesome people (ahem).  But don’t be misled.  She has Arizona to win it all, and that can no longer happen.


(he) was looking kinda dumb with (his) finger and (his) thumb in the shape of an “L” on (his) forehead)

Va Tech and Bama were pretty evenly split in the pool with 185 for VT and 132 for Bama.  Bama won and we got a little shake up at the top, including knocking me down.   Interestingly enough, 71 people picked the Bonnies to upset the FloRidas, but the Gators held chalk.  Only 7 people picked Montana to upset Michigan.  One upset person is Knox Hickey who needed Montana.  But he and Elliot did get to stay up late, eat dessert, play video games and watch basketball (it’s ok, their moms don’t read this website, so that is just a secret between the 317 of us.)

And only 11 people picked the Buffs to beat Arizona…wowzers did they beat Arizonza.  This crushed the brackets of several people who had Arizona to win it all, including he devious Jack Ferruzzo, the sexy Meredith Liner and the unsinkable Brian Rea.  Tommy Mack has two brackets with Arizona to win it all, and those brackets are in a tie for last place.   LOSER!  Looks like Kentucky’s path to the Sweet Sixteen just got easier (as long as Buffalo stop making every three pointer it throws up.)



Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we’ve grown. But I can’t wait to go home…

There was a castle on the hill just a couple blocks from Robert E. Lee High School in Houston.  Growing up a bunch of poor kids, we couldn’t afford to do much.  One of our favorite pastimes was to roll down that hill all day long.  When we got older, we would drink malt liquor at the base of that hill and when we came home from college we would try to outdo each other with stories about our college conquests; some of those stories were even true.  We grew up and changed a lot on that hill  But what never changed was our looking at that castle and making up stories about the people that lived there: how rich they were, how fantastic their vacations were, how they didn’t have a worry in the world….

A few years ago, Ferruzzo bought that castle.  And the first thing he did was to put a fence at the base of the hill to keep everyone else from enjoying the hill.   And now we can’t go back any more.   Times have changed.

Just kidding, there aren’t any hills in Houston.

With four games left today, I am still in first place.  Tech and UH represented the old Southwest Conference well and pulled out victories.  Will fellow SWC members A&M, TCU, UT and Arkansas do the same?  Tied with me are McCann twice, two Ramoses, and two Comptons (the one from So Cal and the one from Michigan).  Keith Bu-chan-an, the Man with the Plan, is tied for first, too.  So is Jeff Marlowe who turns 43 on Saturday.  Keyser Soze (aka, Shannon “Honeybear” Young) is tied with us, as is Cary Weaver, the man with the pet beaver.  Hannah Powell does not even have a driver’s license but she is killing about 300 of you guys with her bracket.  And last among those with the most is Honest Abe Garcia.  They say it’s lonely at the top, but actually we are having lots of fun, the view is nice, and we are pretty happy.

Srikar Sonti is all alone in last place having gone 5-7 so far.  Nobody has ever been beating so badly and felt so ashamed since I beat his friend, Keith Buchanan, in what many people consider to be “The Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played” back in junior high.  Boyd is tied for first which would be a helluva investment on his $0 buy-in (he provides the web hosting and IT support in lieu of $25 and trust me, we are all much better off with his IT help than with his $20.)

There might not be an update for the last four games of the day until tomorrow as Daddy got up at 4:45, worked on the pool, went to Dallas and now is very tired.  Stay tuned.