like Tow Maters?

Kim Hock and I both needed Villanova and Duke both to win today in a big way.  And thus far, so good with a Nova victory!  There were 245 brackets that got that right.  It’s been a while since we have had a game with that many getting it right given the lack of confidence in Kansas plus the advancement of so many lower seeds.  Standings are updated and BOOM RIGHT THERE – Daddy is in 6th place.  And the only thing more surprising than Loyola in the Final Four is Rodney Martin up in 3rd place!!!   Rodney is one of the perennial losers in this pool (and in life).  He knows basketball like the back of his hand but I think he usually overthinks it,  but this year he took the conventional route with some higher seeds and picked up points with Michigan, too.  Good job, Rodney

can i has three fidy?

Speaking of money, I have to thank you all – this has been the easiest year of collecting.  People actually paid on time and those who have not have had a legit excuse for paying late and we have $0 in bad debt expense this year for the first time ever.  Thank you for the gratuities, which included some much needed:

  • Money from many of you
  • A coupon for a free lunch at Chuys and a Westside Poker Club timecard from Beau Ryan
  • An Andrew White for Governor bumper sticker from unknown
  • Canadian Dollars from John Williamson (yeah, as if that’s a real country or real currency….like bitcoins from Narnia, AMIRITE?)

Much like ShaggyBevoTexas, this site runs solely on the generosity of others (I haven’t had a “job” in 20+ years and your tips are what puts food on the table). Unlike ShaggyTexas, this site will live forever (you didn’t hear the news?  The 2nd darkest corner of the dark web is out of business).  Fro’s Pool (aka tEBCP) will never get our comeuppance.  You hear me? No comeuppance!

Not sure if Duke/Kansas update will be immediately after the game or not until later tonight as I have some plans that start right about when it ends…