I’m with everyone, and yet not

Mee-shee-gan won and Tad lost a step.  Some people, like me, picked up some points on that Michigan win.  Yup, Daddy is in 8th place.  Looking good but no money (yet).  There are 13  of us up at the top of the pack and only 2 of those 13 have their champ already bumped from the tournament.  Interestingly, those 2 are in 1st and 3rd right now (Tad and Matt “the Mouth” McCann).  Why do they still have a chance? Because if teams like Loyola keep winning, then nobody scores any points, and they stay still in the standings.

Tomorrow’s games will have much bigger implications on the pool as three of the four teams are heavily picked to win it all.  See you then.  But until then, here is this gem.

SRSLY, he spelled “you’re” as “your” which is not a typo. It is estupido.

And it sorta looks like he started to misspell his own last name but was able to correct it.