Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl, Earl, Earl

Sorry for the late reply, I was busy placing third in a poker tournament tonight.

Four more games in the bag and I went 3-0 until losing the late one.   Current Standings are updated with Tad, having gone an impressive 4-0 (this crazy year, 4-0 is good)  in the Sweet Sixteen, to hang onto first.  Catching up to him going 5-0 are Michael Terrence and Little Riley Canonico.  Amy “Love Shack” Munger and Grant “Thurston” Powell are hot on their heels.  Speaking of hot on heels, Katherine “Boom Right There” Ferruzzo went 5-0, still has Duke and has the most possible points for the last three rounds of our leaders.  I am looking pretty still and able to do as well as 2nd place. I am the only Friou/Flinchbaugh that can still win money.  Go Duke!  Also rooting for Duke is Kim Rock Hock and Colson Hock who are trying to be the 2nd Hock to ever win this pool.  Row-row Hock won it a few years ago.  Did I mention go Duke?

Will Dudley and Jeff MAG7 Needham are battling it out for last.

Check out this which shows you your best place finish which if it is 6 or better means you could win $ and a cool Tshirt.  Picture of T-shirt to be posted over the weekend.

Three of the Elite Eight are from the Big XII (which is neither big nor 12) and the tortillas are flying in west Texas right now.  Up in Kansas, KU and the other school from kansas are representing the conference well, too.  We get FSU and Michigan playing a Bowl Game tomorrow (wait, wut? it’s a basketball game?) and a 9 vs 11 in the other game.  The right side of the bracket almost makes sense sans the flying tortillas.   If Tech beat Nova, I’ll get my guns up, I promise.  And Duke v Kansas?  That’s a dream match up for CBS.