Kansas has no trees.

Welcome back to the darkest corner of the Dark Web, where fake news is even faker.

You drive down the Silk Road and take a right
On Fro Pool Road to get to the site
Where UMBC’s threes make brackets busted
And Kate looks cheaper than a hot dog with no mustard

Where the deer and the cantaloupe play
And the Naughty Dawg becomes a KA. 
Here it’s all rub and no tug
Until Jimmy V finds someone to hug

Elliot and I were reading UMBC tweets from last week and after each one, he’d say “total BURN!!” which is very much something a fourth grade boy would enjoy.  He wrote his own “burn” which he wanted me to share: “UMBC made beef out of Virginia and ate them for dinner!”   We then got into a “Yo Mama Smackdown” which is awkward because his mom is my wife and my mom is his grandmother.  Sorry, Melinda, his burns burned hotter than my burns.

But you didn’t come here to read about that did you?  You came for this:


Ok, onto basketball….who else loved the T on Coach Cal for going outside of the box?  Speaking of going outside of the box, that reminds me of Jayson Baird.  Baird has spent his whole life (save two times) outside of the box.  JB picked Kentucky, and once again Jayjay stepped in it    There were 28 people with Kentucky and only 1 on KSU tonight.   The entire Keegan clan picked Kentucky so there wasn’t a good chance of UK winning.   Mr. Sonti was the only one on KSU.  He was in 300th place before the game and has UNC to win it all, so I don’t think that game did much for him.  So that game really didn’t change the standings.

That other school form kansas (#notKU) is looking scrappy.  Strange to wear purple in first game, white the next, purple the next then white against Loyola coming up on Saturday.  And to only have to beat an 8, 16, 5 and 11 en route to San Antonio?!!?

I needed ksu and fsu tonight because I have that South region busted so I like nobody else picking up points.  Go Noles…..


….getting some Cherry Garcia …..

…..  still waiting for FSU game to end ….

….yes, this is what play by play reads like on a blog….

….And the Noles pull it off, getting no points scored for anybody in this pool.  I haven’t seen less scoring since Rob Anderson’s stint at UT.  Pa-duh-pum.    I didn’t watch that FSU game much as I found it hard to turn away from the Wildcats’ game.  Is it just me or does Gonzaga seem to have the record for Sweet Sixteen appearances that don’t turn into Elite Eight appearances (which is 3, right?  Adam Morrison, the other one and last year?)

Reminder, Greg Kemp is making some shirts as prizes this year for the pool, so if you are doing well, you need to put in the extra effort for these last few games to score the shirt.

If you haven’t paid, do so.

Totally unrelated, if anybody is interested in a $60 charity poker tournament (West U Elementary PTO Friday night at 7pm, let me know).