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A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul.

This is really the only report you need.  Pick one of 8 outcomes from top-left drop-down menu and wha-la, you can see who can win.

I just counted and it turns out that 316 of you are eligible to win the quotation contest.

There are 24 brackets competing for the money.  Of those, 23 are not guaranteed to win anything.  The only one that is is Will Dudley who has won the last place prize

like Tow Maters?

Kim Hock and I both needed Villanova and Duke both to win today in a big way.  And thus far, so good with a Nova victory!  There were 245 brackets that got that right.  It’s been a while since we have had a game with that many getting it right given the lack of confidence in Kansas plus the advancement of so many lower seeds.  Standings are updated and BOOM RIGHT THERE – Daddy is in 6th place.  And the only thing more surprising than Loyola in the Final Four is Rodney Martin up in 3rd place!!!   Rodney is one of the perennial losers in this pool (and in life).  He knows basketball like the back of his hand but I think he usually overthinks it,  but this year he took the conventional route with some higher seeds and picked up points with Michigan, too.  Good job, Rodney

can i has three fidy?

Speaking of money, I have to thank you all – this has been the easiest year of collecting.  People actually paid on time and those who have not have had a legit excuse for paying late and we have $0 in bad debt expense this year for the first time ever.  Thank you for the gratuities, which included some much needed:

  • Money from many of you
  • A coupon for a free lunch at Chuys and a Westside Poker Club timecard from Beau Ryan
  • An Andrew White for Governor bumper sticker from unknown
  • Canadian Dollars from John Williamson (yeah, as if that’s a real country or real currency….like bitcoins from Narnia, AMIRITE?)

Much like ShaggyBevoTexas, this site runs solely on the generosity of others (I haven’t had a “job” in 20+ years and your tips are what puts food on the table). Unlike ShaggyTexas, this site will live forever (you didn’t hear the news?  The 2nd darkest corner of the dark web is out of business).  Fro’s Pool (aka tEBCP) will never get our comeuppance.  You hear me? No comeuppance!

Not sure if Duke/Kansas update will be immediately after the game or not until later tonight as I have some plans that start right about when it ends…

I’m with everyone, and yet not

Mee-shee-gan won and Tad lost a step.  Some people, like me, picked up some points on that Michigan win.  Yup, Daddy is in 8th place.  Looking good but no money (yet).  There are 13  of us up at the top of the pack and only 2 of those 13 have their champ already bumped from the tournament.  Interestingly, those 2 are in 1st and 3rd right now (Tad and Matt “the Mouth” McCann).  Why do they still have a chance? Because if teams like Loyola keep winning, then nobody scores any points, and they stay still in the standings.

Tomorrow’s games will have much bigger implications on the pool as three of the four teams are heavily picked to win it all.  See you then.  But until then, here is this gem.

SRSLY, he spelled “you’re” as “your” which is not a typo. It is estupido.

And it sorta looks like he started to misspell his own last name but was able to correct it.

Whether we win or lose, God is still with us.

Loyola beat the other team from kansas.   No, they kicked their butts.  Loyola, after winning squeakers finally came out and whooped somebody.  And while that is all kinds of exciting for the tournament (SRSLY, an 11 seed in the Final Four!), it does nothing for our pool.  Nobody picked up a point on that game and only one person coulda with KSU and he is out of the money.

So then there is FSU, who again, NOBODY picked and Michigan who 49 people picked, including Daddy.  Without a Michigan win, I am toast.

Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl, Earl, Earl

Sorry for the late reply, I was busy placing third in a poker tournament tonight.

Four more games in the bag and I went 3-0 until losing the late one.   Current Standings are updated with Tad, having gone an impressive 4-0 (this crazy year, 4-0 is good)  in the Sweet Sixteen, to hang onto first.  Catching up to him going 5-0 are Michael Terrence and Little Riley Canonico.  Amy “Love Shack” Munger and Grant “Thurston” Powell are hot on their heels.  Speaking of hot on heels, Katherine “Boom Right There” Ferruzzo went 5-0, still has Duke and has the most possible points for the last three rounds of our leaders.  I am looking pretty still and able to do as well as 2nd place. I am the only Friou/Flinchbaugh that can still win money.  Go Duke!  Also rooting for Duke is Kim Rock Hock and Colson Hock who are trying to be the 2nd Hock to ever win this pool.  Row-row Hock won it a few years ago.  Did I mention go Duke?

Will Dudley and Jeff MAG7 Needham are battling it out for last.

Check out this which shows you your best place finish which if it is 6 or better means you could win $ and a cool Tshirt.  Picture of T-shirt to be posted over the weekend.

Three of the Elite Eight are from the Big XII (which is neither big nor 12) and the tortillas are flying in west Texas right now.  Up in Kansas, KU and the other school from kansas are representing the conference well, too.  We get FSU and Michigan playing a Bowl Game tomorrow (wait, wut? it’s a basketball game?) and a 9 vs 11 in the other game.  The right side of the bracket almost makes sense sans the flying tortillas.   If Tech beat Nova, I’ll get my guns up, I promise.  And Duke v Kansas?  That’s a dream match up for CBS.

Kansas has no trees.

Welcome back to the darkest corner of the Dark Web, where fake news is even faker.

You drive down the Silk Road and take a right
On Fro Pool Road to get to the site
Where UMBC’s threes make brackets busted
And Kate looks cheaper than a hot dog with no mustard

Where the deer and the cantaloupe play
And the Naughty Dawg becomes a KA. 
Here it’s all rub and no tug
Until Jimmy V finds someone to hug

Elliot and I were reading UMBC tweets from last week and after each one, he’d say “total BURN!!” which is very much something a fourth grade boy would enjoy.  He wrote his own “burn” which he wanted me to share: “UMBC made beef out of Virginia and ate them for dinner!”   We then got into a “Yo Mama Smackdown” which is awkward because his mom is my wife and my mom is his grandmother.  Sorry, Melinda, his burns burned hotter than my burns.

But you didn’t come here to read about that did you?  You came for this:


Ok, onto basketball….who else loved the T on Coach Cal for going outside of the box?  Speaking of going outside of the box, that reminds me of Jayson Baird.  Baird has spent his whole life (save two times) outside of the box.  JB picked Kentucky, and once again Jayjay stepped in it    There were 28 people with Kentucky and only 1 on KSU tonight.   The entire Keegan clan picked Kentucky so there wasn’t a good chance of UK winning.   Mr. Sonti was the only one on KSU.  He was in 300th place before the game and has UNC to win it all, so I don’t think that game did much for him.  So that game really didn’t change the standings.

That other school form kansas (#notKU) is looking scrappy.  Strange to wear purple in first game, white the next, purple the next then white against Loyola coming up on Saturday.  And to only have to beat an 8, 16, 5 and 11 en route to San Antonio?!!?

I needed ksu and fsu tonight because I have that South region busted so I like nobody else picking up points.  Go Noles…..


….getting some Cherry Garcia …..

…..  still waiting for FSU game to end ….

….yes, this is what play by play reads like on a blog….

….And the Noles pull it off, getting no points scored for anybody in this pool.  I haven’t seen less scoring since Rob Anderson’s stint at UT.  Pa-duh-pum.    I didn’t watch that FSU game much as I found it hard to turn away from the Wildcats’ game.  Is it just me or does Gonzaga seem to have the record for Sweet Sixteen appearances that don’t turn into Elite Eight appearances (which is 3, right?  Adam Morrison, the other one and last year?)

Reminder, Greg Kemp is making some shirts as prizes this year for the pool, so if you are doing well, you need to put in the extra effort for these last few games to score the shirt.

If you haven’t paid, do so.

Totally unrelated, if anybody is interested in a $60 charity poker tournament (West U Elementary PTO Friday night at 7pm, let me know).

Come out, Virginia, don’t make me wait. You Catholic girls start much too late.

Sweet Sixteen, Baby!   Games are now worth 3 points each and we are about to separate the Women from the Girls (#metoo?).

It’s a strange day of sweet sixteen with 8 teams playing and zero 1-seeds and zero 2-seeds.  There is one 3-seed, a 4-seed, a 5-seed, two 7-seeds, two 9-seeds, and an 11-seed.   Speaking of 11-seeds, Loyola won again!  And guess who picked them?

Hoops, Tad did it again

That’s right, our man Tad Delaney picked freaking Loyola to win its Sweet Sixteen game.   A lot of Catholics showed some Catholic love for Loyola including Ferruzzos, Keegans and McManus.  Most of us had Virginia and picked up no points.

But I DID pick up some points on Michigan (sooner or later it comes down to fate for Daddy).  So did Ferruzzo who is the only person to go 2-0 in the early games.  He flew up 69 places to be in a tie for 5th.  And we all saw that coming, AMIRITE?  I mean, I am totally on the record saying A&M is terrible and having no chance of winning and look at me being right again on A&M.

And now it is the KSU Wildcats against the Kentucky WIldcats in CATlanta, Georgia, and KSU is getting the best of them.   FSU has jumped out to an early lead on Gonzaga, a team a small number of people believed in this year.  You could even that Few did.

More to come

I’m kinda like the king of the dorks

OK, a little bit about how to read the world-famous report made possible only by the fact that I am a a major nerd:

  • If your best place finish is 6 or higher, you can still win money
  • The “Root for” column tells you who you need to win for your best case scenario.  It’s in order, too, so the first team listed is the one you want to win it all, the next one you want in the final game, the next two are the rest of the Final Four you want and the last four are the balance of the Elite Eight you want.
  • But most people can win under more than one scenario, so when it says “+ 469 other scenarios” that means you win under 470 out of the 32,768 possible scenarios.  But your odds of winning money are better than that because the 470/32,768 would be the percentage of scenarios in which you win your “best place finish”.  You may finish lower, like 6th place and still make money.
  • Sticking with the above example, your odds of getting your best place finish is not = 470/32,768 because not all scenarios are equally likely.  When Melinda Friou got stumped by that, I came up with “Do you think Loyola and Duke have the same chances of winning the tournament???”
  • Why 32,768?  Each game is binomial (has exactly 2 possible outcomes) and there are 15 games, so 2 to the 15th power (2^15) equals 32,768 possible outcomes for the tournament.
  • The report does not consider tie breakers.
  • Some people get confused when their  best scenario involves rooting for teams they did not pick.  My first instinct is to say something snarky like you shouldn’t have majored in history and should have taken a math class here or there, but I will resist.   Say you had Virginia.  You need to root for Loyola to kick butt and win the region so that all those points that you AREN’T getting for Virginia are also points nobody is getting.  Call it good defense if you will.  You don’t win the pool by having a  high score, you win by having a highER score than others.


Some observations:

Let’s begin with the end in mind. Six people are fighting for last place:

  2. Anderson, Rob
  3. Dudley, Will
  4. Keegan, Michael 2
  5. MAG7–HFY
  6. McKenny, Ryan

Note that Ryan McKenny has one bracket in my pool and it is fighting for last.  He has two brackets in a work pool and they are tied for last in that one.  Why didn’t he just put all his money on KSU?  Note “MAG7” is Jeff Needham.  I assume “HFY” is for “high-five you”.  Jeff, high-five you back.  The two Andersons are sucking it up and giving Will Dudley a chase after it looked like he had it all locked up.  And what would a last place chase be without a Keegan?

So 140 out of 317 of us can do was well as 6th and place in the money.  That’s just a little under half of us.  This includes Caylee Canonico who is currently in 284th place, the lowest placed person who could still vault up to the money.  Attagirl Caylee.

Daddy (that’s me….I have a lot of names) is still in the running for the money.  GO DUKE!

All you Trekkies and TV addicts…

Check this out.  Look at “Best Place Finish” and if it is 6 or higher, you are still in the running.  So at the top you see Tad who can hang on as his best place finish is 1.  However a little below him is JIm McManus in 8th place but his best place finish is 8th, so he can’t be one of the top 6 in the money.

I explain more about interpreting the report later, but gotta run to work.

Get yer popcorn… aggy losing is good entertainment.

Florida State knocked off the X-Men to put another 9 seed in the Sweet Sixteen and make today the biggest bracket busting day so far.   Lauren Soliz and little Kinley were each one of 9 to pick FSU.  That’s loyalty to your alma mater, Lauren.  Good job, Florida State!   Lauren, who is now a Canonico, married into championship royalty when she married Champ Canonico.  That’s a winning family.  Well, if you consider your house and all your worldly possessions getting wiped out by Hurricane Harvey “winning”.  Ugh…  It’s been a tough year on the Canonico family, so here’s to the family with two teams in the Sweet Sixteen (Champ went to Duke) and 2018 being better than 2017.

West Virginia won a big one against Marshall in another in-state fight (Tech v A&M in the championship anyone? ).  And that does it for the first 48 games.  We have seen just over 75% of the games played but as the points go up each round, you might have more of a chance than you think…

Tomorrow (or possibly tonight) I will have up a report that shows whether you can still win any money and trust me, many more of you are still in the fight than you think.  So come back tomorrow (or tonight) and see.

And everyone can still win the quotation contest.  Contrary to what Bobby Whittington and Robert Dies think, you don’t answer in the comments to posts.   Over Final Four Weekend, email me for each post 1) the source of the quote (e.g., that comes from “Story of My Life” by Social Distortion” or that comes from Caddyshack or whatever) and 2) the relevance of the quote (e.g., you had a quote about a donkey and then you told a story about Cody Compton riding a donkey to a liquor store in Nuevo Laredo).  That’s it.  The only twist is that some quotes have more than one relevance in the post and if so you can get two points if you guess correctly on two of them for a max of 3 total points per post.  If you have The Google installed on your Interweb machine, you will get most of them.  Also remembering posts and quotes from prior years can help because I am terribly unoriginal and I tend to use the same material over and over.  For instance:

  • I rarely miss a year to point out that my mom is beating Martin Buniva (she always does)
  • I have never missed on an opportunity to comment on Kate’s stupidity and rarely miss the chance to compliment her beauty (both true)
  • I am fond of the Wire, GoT, LOST, Arrested Development and Charles Barkley
  • I sometimes quote myself #narcissisticbutitsmypoolandIcandowhatIwant
  • I sometimes twist an actual quote to make it more applicable so don’t hurt your brain if it is off by a word or two

Tad is all alone on top, and good for him.  Not really, you hate him don’t you?  It’s ok, I hate everybody in front of me in the pool and feel sorry for those behind me.  Kinda like being downwind from John Wheeler after he eats Texadelphia.

After Tad is the namesake of the pool, Brad Conrad.  Brad has lots of nicknames.  Sparky.  Erich.  Poopypants.   Two out of three of those have good stories behind them but it wouldn’t be like me to tell a story here that would make fun of somebody.  Especially when it happened in college and we were drinking too much.  That is way below my standards.

Oops wait, that was an error.  Brad is down wind from me on the third page.  Oops.  Boy I bet he just pooped his pants for a second there.

Mike Shank and Bank Shankleton is next with Jim “Positively Fifth Street” McManus close behind.  (Don’t get close behind Brad Conrad right now).  Both guys always seem to be doing very well early on every year, but then again, nights that start with lots of Fireball shots always seem to be doing very well early on.

Derek Munger is doing well, too.  He can’t treat me to dinner at Mark’s any more but maybe he can buy me something at Milk and Cookies in our neighborhood, which I think cost even more.  SRSLY, a coffee and a pastry is like $15.  WTF?

And then there is Scary Cary Weaver whose fate is more analogous to a night ending with Fireball shots and arguing with Todd Moser over what state Northern Iowa is in.

More to come, probably not until tomorrow afternoon.