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For one shining moment…

UNC looked berry good this tournament.   Well, I picked UNC right.  Not that that gets me anything…

Dequita Hall gets first and third (she even won the tiebreaker…is this woman charmed or what?).  Trent went and got second, Michael Dunkin is hanging out in 4th, Chris Watt 5th and Tracy McFadden 6th.

So 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th went to previous winners of the pool. Meanwhile I got “most likely to improve” award again.

Elliot Friou beat all Frious with 11th place.  Jane got 21st and Elise 24th.

Beau Ryan and his family are a bunch of losing losers.  He and 45 of his closest relatives would have won money in the pool of Gonzaga had won, but alas the Zags cut no nets.

I’m proud of the Bulldogs.  The past two decades have been good to them.  I know they would have liked to have won it all, but as a fan of UT football during their greatest 12 year run ever, I know that with great success, the losses hurt that much more.  Maybe next year….

I am headed out of town…gonna go to Georgia for a golf tournament.   I will sort out the money payments next week.  Just email me your mailing address (or let me know if you just want me to apply it all to the Elise and Elliot scholarship fund, cuz it’s totally cool with me if you want to do that.)

Friou out.


Well the landslide brings you down….

These guys had a bad day:

  • Holcomb, John (Bracket dead, but he has hope on the Astros this season)
  • Friou, Elliot Patrick (BUT, he made a killer play in little league today that put the Storm in FIRST PLACE.  Elise was cheering hard for him!)
  • Ryan, Hannah (Hannah, your dad has a favorite daughter right now, and it ain’t you)
  • DANNY FOSCO  (The Foscolater picked Oregon.  We all pick losers.  I picked Adam Hickey to be a friend)
  • Christian Aguilar (you were hanging by a thread…you had Oregon versus Villanova in the finals.   That’s like picking Donald Trump to get his party’s nomination. Oh wait, that’s like picking John Greene to win a poker tournament.  No, I got it, it’s like picking UT to win a game in…..anything)
  • Wheeler,John (He is the only guy in the tournament that could write posts with more wit than I can.  And he won it all once before, so we won’t feel sorry for him.  SRSLY, he is funnier than Keegan plus an Aggie Joke plus Dardo all times three)

Still going strong is:

  • Hall, Dequita (display as DQ COUNTRY)   –   Gets first place if Gonzaga wins.
  • Hall, Dequita (display as DQ TEXAS)  – Gets first place if UNC wins

People, we have a winner.  Dequita Hall, multiple winner in the pool, has locked up first place.  She’s about to be a rich woman.  Last time I saw a woman that was this sure to make a ton of money was the Russian girl at a strip club that Leffler walked into.  Just making it rain on Dequita.  Congratulations, girl.  Shorty, you just took 4 digits off of a pool full of Alpha Males.  Girl Power.

But we pay out more than just first place.  We still gots:

  • Dunkin, Michael (2)   – Needs UNC to get third place.   He wouldn’t mind getting sixth because he says size doesn’t matter.
  • Watt, Chris #1 – UNC over Gonzaga ties him in third with Michael.   He won this pool before.  He not only picks winners well, he dresses like James Bond.  The snappy fashion forward Watty is looking sharp.
  • Thomas, Trent – Also wants UNC.  Never met the guy.  Friends with Keith Buchanan so he clearly lacks judgment on picking friends.  But he can pick games.
  • McFadden, Tracey 1 – Needs UNC.  Once kissed a girl and liked it.
  • McNatt, Terry   – loves the Zags more than Luthman does.  Can get 2nd if the Zags pull it off
  • Jake, Beau and Sarah Ryan can get 2nd, 4th, and 6th if Gonzaga pulls it off.  That is unprecedented.  Three people from the same family win 3 of 6 places that pay off.  And Beau could use it.  He just bought a house bigger than Ferruzzo’s house.  I can’t even afford the AC at that place.   He just hopes UNC isn’t holding 45 suited to crush him on the river.
  • Compton, Julie – Needs Gonzaga.  Her husband once told me his goal in life was to be me.  Well, that wasn’t exactly what he said, but he paid me a compliment, and I will take it.
  • Aguilar, Sandra – Did not take Rodney Martin’s advice at all, and it paid off (duh!!)

Chris Canonico won the quote contest.  He beat a field of 64 entries into the contest (I don’t count those 4 play in entries).  Kim Hock got last place.  Beau didn’t bother to enter, perhaps because he is winning so much on the tournament.  Jane Friou’s entry was pathetic, for every quote, she said ” those are your words.  When you quote me, those are your words.”  Kate Keegan tried but she mailed me a letter written in Crayon, and I couldn’t read it.  Martin Buniva entered but he tied back every quote to “Friou, your mom is a crazy female dog”. He did get two points for being spot on for two quotes but otherwise did terribly.   Champ, you win $40.  (John Greene won $40 less than you.)

Always interested in feedback, and over the years I have taken it and incorporated it.  Always happy for help, too.  Boyd helps on IT.  Jim Friou helps with the money.  If anybody wants to volunteer to help w/ 2018, I will take it.  Maybe Keegan and Wheeler post.  That will end well with nobody being offended.  Or Ferruzzo can help with the money.  Because a Mafioso can be trusted with money.  Or we can put Ferruzzo in charge of posting pics because that will surely lead to pics that block the site from your work’s firewall.  SRSLY, I’ll take volunteers if anybody wants to help next year.

Love you all, one more update Monday.  Thanks for playing, it’s a labor of love.

this is it