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For one shining moment…

Linda “The Good Witch” Oletti snuck up from behind and beat us all.  Good for her.  I heard that when Kris Jenkins hit that shot she tinkled just a little bit.  Linda has been a long time participant in this pool and I am very happy for her.  Good job, Linda!!!!  (do we get a picture of you smiling NOW?)

I was there at the game (damn good seats for a reasonable price thanks to some good negotiating by ARH) with Mrs Fro.  This week, Mrs Fro and I celebrate our anniversary (seems like 274 years but it’s actually 15) and her birthday (seems like 24 years since she was born but evidently she’s actually older than that.  Didn’t see that coming)

sweet seats; terrible end

When UNC tied it up, my side of the stadium was going crazy.  Elliot’s parents were going crazy.  OT was for sure and the babysitter was gonna get $15 more.   But then that freaking dagger.  What a shot.  What a f&%ing shot.   Just unbelievable.  The Villanova fans were going insane.  And good for them.  That little school has won two more championships than UT has.  The funny thing is I would TOTALLY have been rooting for them if not for the large amount of cash coming our way if UNC had won.  Ugggg

Molly Ramos also had Nova but needed a tiebreaker to win 2nd.  Mary “Hemp” Kemp lost the tiebreaker and got third.    There was a tie for fourth but the tiebreaker was won by Elliot “Never has to beg for a date to the elementary school prom” Friou.   ATTABOY!   I am so proud of him.  Nobody with the last name Friou has won that much money ($885!!!!!!) in my pool.  I am not sure if “ironic” is the right adjective, but tonight we (me and Mrs Fro) were debating whether the tooth fairy gives Elliot tonight $1 or $2.   This is a kid that almost won $3500 but *only* won $885.   And we debated $1 vs $2….    When I was a kid the tooth fairy would leave us a nickel and we liked it.  And the best thing that ever happened in March Madness was that I stayed up all night to watch UH (my parents went there) lose only to stay up later a couple years later and see Syracuse lose (the first bracket I ever filled out).  Kids these days have it good.

Jim McManus lost the tiebreaker to Elliot and got fifth.  Jim did 10 fireball shots after Marcus Paige hit the 3 to tie it up.  He passed out and actually is still unaware that Villanova won the game.

Ryan DeWitt and Shannon “RUN DMC” Young tied for sixth but Ryan beat him on the tiebreaker.  Shannon might have the record (can’t say for sure, but pretty sure) for career money wins in this pool.  But not this year.  Poor Honey Bear.

Beau Ryan won the quote contest with a score of 30, only beating Kyle Liner by 2 points.  I posted his entry (the stuff in red font is my commentary on ones he got wrong.)  He won $40.

[edit: that link seems to work in IE but not in Chrome.  Not sure I understand why.]

Send me your address if I owe you money.  I am travelling but can get to it this weekend.

See you next year!

It does end here. And we’re out of beer.

The good life, it feel like Houston

ARH and I had a good time at the games.  I mean, who can’t have a good time watching the OU Gooners got clobbered.  AMIRITE?  UNC and Villanova are absolutely unequivocally the two best teams so the show on Monday night should be a good one.  Colson Hock had a very bad day when his Sooners were baaaaarrrrreeeely beaten by Villanova, but he can still get fifth. David Mallia, whom I used to babysit, is out of the money now, too.  But the big story is that Elliot Friou, the 7 yr old who made all his own picks, will win the pool if UNC wins.  And it’s his money, not Daddy’s.  So I asked him what he was going to do with his money and he said “save it, and buy a house when I am a grown-up”.  Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  RUN DMC (Shannon “the man with the plan” Young) would get second in that scenario, followed by Israel and Reese.  A five way tie for fifth means somebody will get 7th and no money!  Linda Oletti, McManus and Duh-Wit are also in the money if Nova wins.

This was the coolest shirt ever (or at least yesterday:


I have 4 entries in the quote contest.  Deadline is midnight.

My sister-in-law (a legitimate published writer) tried to update the blog for me, but I already wrote a post.   She wrote it as if it were me writing, so when the first person is used, that be Fro. I think she did a good job, check it out (the style seems familiar):


Thought I’d update your blog while you are ushering at church. Wish I could segue into an Usher song reference, but I’ve got this instead:


The good life, it feel like Houston

Not a lot to talk about today, only 2 teams left. This tournament is getting boring!! #amiright

My sister-in-law is in town but she’s not in my pool so I can’t make fun of her. If she were in the pool, she’d probably have UT winning it all. Or the Houston Oilers. She still thinks it’s 1986 and she can take the Metro to Magic Pan and get crepes. If she won the pool, she’d go get a season pass to Astroworld so she can see The Cure when they play there.

I don’t know who’s winning the pool but it’s probably one of my college friends, Meathead or Kegstand. Reminds me of that crazy time the 3 of us had at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink. That was the last time a girl talked to Kegstand, and it was only when she said “excuse me” after rolling over his hand. (insult, insult, song lyric, hashtag, way inside joke, hot wife, standings, stupid friend, scenarios, inside joke, my cute kids, 80s, mail me your check if you haven’t, space city, #####)