Diapers are expensive…

Well, for one shining moment, we have a weiner and it’s Canonico.  Champ watched his alma mater win the championship and his unborn child’s bracket win the pool.  He also watched me drink the 72oz Margarita at Skeeters on Westlayan.  Good times, fun group of his friends.

It was so Hollywood.  The “David” Duke slayed the “Goliath” Wisconisin and did so just as they always do…by their starters not looking very good and some short white kid steps up and turns the corner for them.  Just like CBS wrote it…

The Wexler twins beat MeTwo on the tiebreaker for second.  Glen Wheeler won a tiebreaker for fourth and McInnis got 5th, which is the same place he would have gotten if Wisconsin had won.  Also, even if Iowa State had won the championship, McInnis would still be short and bald.  And still richer than I am (I had Duke to win it all, damnit!  Can somebody buy me a coffee?  Can I bum a smoke?)  Buster the Naughty Dawg beat out Phil Magee…and settled that argument.

That is one good looking expecting parent.  The other one, not so much.

The quote contest is open for another week.  This is for many reasons including I am way behind in depositing checks.  Send in your answers and you can pick up $20.

Winners, send me your address and let me know if you want it all to go to charity and I should just mail you a receipt or if you really want the cash.  Also, gimmie a few days.  I have a lot to deposit and add up.  I think we have two duplicates that need to come out of the gross but not everyone replies to their email as quickly as Melinda Friou.

OK.  Friou out.