We’re going streaking!!!!!!

The Running Izzos learned that it is hard to dance with a devil on your back.  Damn skippy.  Champ Canonico yelled at the TV “For the first time in my life, something good will happen to me!!!”  Strange words from an expecting father.

Then…Frank the Tank!  Frank the Freakin Tank!  Wisconsin just Pittsnoggled (oh yes I did!) the greatest team to ever play basketball.  I was in Dallas last year for the game between Wisconsin and Kentucky.  Strange night.  It started with Hickey telling me “his secrect” and ended with me beating up Liner.  But the most amazing thing was the end to that game.  It was pretty cool and it was just cool to see the rematch.

So, who lost?

  1. Lauren “Whorin” Holcombe
  2. Andrew “Daddy’s bribe did not pay off” Aguilar
  3. Cody Clyde  Compton
  4. Rich “Vegas Baby” Sharko
  5. Reid “Kentucky Blue” Babin
  6. lee “picked Wicsonsin but.. D’Oh” jaques
  7. Hedge “Hedge brackets mean your pain costs twice as much” Hogan
  8. Reese “Don’t call the Po-Lice” Liner
  9. Travis “He Hate Me” Bloom
  10. Melinda “We love you” Friou
  11. William “Always close, never cigar” swingle

Who won?  Who can win?

If Duke beats Wisconsin, Champ Canonico’s unborn baby wins first place. I love unborn babies.  They cry less than the born ones.  MeWhoo Patel and the Wexler twins tie for second.  Sexy Wexy and I met at an AC-DC concert in high school.  He was one of the rich Memorial kids.  He gave me some morsels to eat and let me have a used blanket.  I am still thankful.  He is fair and kind.  Can I haz more morsel??  Then it’s McInnis and Wheeler in fourth.  Jeff McInnis once told me that he was king of the world when TCU beat UT in football.   Well, there are a lot of kings in this world I guess.  A lot.  Buster Freeman and Phil Magee would battle it out for 6th.  Buster is a very naughty dog and chicks dig Phil because he is in Hoffa.  I guess the eternal epic battle betweeen naughty dogs and hoffa will be settled on thier tiebreaker.

If Wisconsin beats Duke, Chris Watt and Woody Pride tie for first.  Chris Watt won this pool around 1997.  Woody Pride is a fake name.  The real name of the person behind that bracket is Eugene Seale.  That’s #53 or Mr. Seale to you.  Brandon Fox comes after that.  Cough cough.  Ceasr Aguilar would get fourth.  I think Cesar to this day beats up Rodney Martin and Travis just to show them who is boss.  If Wisconsin wins, he can make it rain during the next beating.  Then it would be McInnis and Rob Anderson.  Rob is the one who taught me how to abuse people pre-internet.  He used jayson Baird as his personal punching bag for a long time.  I am thankful for those lessons.  I am surprised I was allowed at the Anderson house after spilling his dad’s spit-cup and hitting on his 5 yr-old sister.  I guess my charm overcame my faults.

I updated the standings, the scenario report, and the other way to look at the scenarios (just change the scenario from the drop down box in top left).

post script:  Healy and goats.  Not a good combination them two.