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For one shining moment…

Had fun at the game.  Standings have been updated: Daquita Hall won the tie breaker with TWO Brackets to win the big tie for 5th/6th places.  Sharko lost and nothing else really changed since the last update.  Beau Ryan won the quote contest, which I’ll post the key to the answers later (will be busy this week, and it is time-consuming.)

Winners – tell me where to send your winnings.

See you next year.

Can’t I tell ’em that I really never had a gun?

As you can see from the timing of this, I was up way past my bedtime.  But it was a good time.  I rolled into Dallas around 11, grabbed Adam, went to Riverchon Park to get Cameron and Rob and then headed to Arlington.   Florida game was a bore, but kudos to UConn.  But the late game…wow.  The Kentucky fans were going crazy and it was a lot of fun.  I know it is cliche, but seriously, that Kentucky team really looks like it doesn’t care or try until it matter and then they look like a bunch of NBA All Stars.  It was fun.  Then we walked to the Humperdinks near the stadium and had slightly more to drink than we should have.


So, the pool has turned into something rather simple yet odd.  The simple part is that the only thing that matters is if Kentucky wins, Rich Sharko is in the money. If UConn wins, all the same cats (except Rich Sharko) are in the money.  That is because Rich picked Kentucky.  That is the simple part.  The odd part is the enourmous tie for 6th (if Kentucky wins) or 5th/6th (if UConn wins).   I have never seen a tiebreaker be such a big deal in this pool before, but it is.  See this.

So, congratulations to Scott Anderson who will win it all no matter what (good luck getting paid…I used the pool money for my property taxes and don’t have any money to pay you.)  Well done, Scott.  You the man, you the man, you the man.  Yes you am, yes you am, yes you am.   You can tell everybody, yeah, you can tell everybody…go ahead and tell the man, you the man, you the man.

Chuck G (he can cut a record from side to side) ties for second with Knox Hickey, whose bed Cameron is sleeping in tonight.  His mom is sleeping with ML at Cameron’s house.  It’s complicated.

Next on the list is Knox’s cousin, The LIttle Knight.  First of all, size doesn’t matter, so let’s go with The Knight Who Cares A Lot.

Then there is the big old tie  Glazer “Super J” Glazer is on that list.  If he wins, he’ll buy that bagel shop on Shepperd.  Daquita Hall has TWO entries that will tie with themselves.  Glazer used to tie with himself too much and that is why he now needs glasses.  Donna Swingle, Lee Jacques, Jack “Considers All People to be Quitters” Graham, Mcgrrrrrrrrrrrr, Basettt, and Cary Weaver round out that list.

Submissions for the quote contest are due noon on Monday.

No update Monday night (will roll into Frisco late and head back to Houston early).  But later Tuesday we will wrap up the pool and see if somebody beat Beau Ryan on the quote contest.  That, and Healy likes goats.  Oh, and winter is coming!



But I’m actually weirder than you think

Just a quick post before I head to “north texas” for the Final Four….look for us on TV.  I will be the riduculously good looking dude with 2 cool friends and 1 dufus.

Here is a summary of what you stand to win:


Here is a summary of what I stand to win:

I’m so jealous of those of you in contention.  How come I never win anything?