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that’s all folks…

If you won money, pls email me your address.  There are also a handful of refunds I owe to people who paid for entries they never entered (or entered after the deadline).  Pls email me the address to where I should mail the refunds.

KIm, I’ll give you 20 on Sunday.

Rich Sharko, Cameron can pay you and I’l pay him back.

Kim got almost every quote right.  I figured out that I made one error.  I considered playing it off as being intentional, but I would never want to write something untrue on this site. Anyway, track #13 was meant to be Jungle Love by Morris Day and the Time (oh-wee-oh-wee-oh) but I accidently quoted Jungle Love by Steve Miller.  The only things Kim missed was the reference to the Scumbag Steve meme (google it) and the “God is dead” quote on the day Jesus died.  (Don’t worry, he made a huge comeback the following Sunday.)

I should have given special props to Adam Mallia who nailed the last three games of the tournament, picking Louisville over Michigan.  Well played, sir.  He fell just short on the tiebreaker, but he still managed to come out of nowhere and place in the money.

Bye now.

For one shining moment…

Michael Dunkin won it all.  Hail to Michael.  Scumbag Steve got second.

Darren got the tiebreaker and beat out Adam Mallia and Jay Thames.  Jay is very high on the all time money-won list.  Adam is high on the all-time naughtiest dog list.

Caiden Marlowe, who is about 9 (?), beat out Carlos Aguilar who is 8.  Carlos, you’re a good kid.  Sorry you lost.  If it makes you feel better, my heart was ripped out when I was your age and NCSU beat UH.  I know this stinks, but keep playing.  You’ll win eventually, buddy.

Kim Hock won the quotation contest.  She is the only person that got the relevance of 41 out of 44 posts.   I posted something about a conversation with my mom re: a playlist that included one song per year for every year from 1973 through 2013.   Those 41 posts were that playlist.  Kim got that.

I am way past my bedtime.  I will get a final post up tomorrow.

Not Jimi Hendrix, Jesus or the dude who played the sherriff in Blazing Saddles..

I left off a few other “winners”:

Rich Sharko once drank Sprite with a mouth full of Pop Rocks.  That didn’t end so well.  Neither did his picks this year.  With a whopping 28 points and UCLA as his champ, he is the biggest loser and gets $20 back.  (Cameron, can you hand him a $20 and I’ll pay you back?)  Actually, the biggest loser is “Smelly” Ellie Keagan who gets next to last and doesn’t get $20.

The quotation contest winner will be announced Monday night.  There will be no more posts before then, so you have the full population of quotes to go with.


41) She’s got a wicked sense of humor, can’t believe what she says. She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head. And all you want is just to hold her, but she don’t go for that. She has a hard time coming when she can’t hit back.

But enough about Jane…

Michael Dunkin is one of two people that has clinched placing in the money.  The worst he could do is, upon losing the tiebreakers, falling to 4th.  Since he went to Lee, we’ll have to assume he somehow cheated.  In 2009, he placed in the money until his tiebreaker lost to the Moose.

Scumbag “Steve” Sowers is playing in the pool for the first time and is the other one of two people that has clinched placing in the money.  His neighbor, Kyle Liner, has played for 10 years and has never won a dime.   That’s $600 for 3 entrires for 10 years.  Ouch.

Adam Mallia is the other Lee grad that could place in the money.  I smell a conspiracy.  So I followed the sage advice of, whenever you want to solve a conspiracy, follow the money.  So I knocked on Adam Hickey’s door (pa-duh-pum).  His butler said that Mr. Hickey could not be disturbed and that if I didn’t leave the premises, he would release the hounds on me.  Geez, Jeeves.

Speaking of Hickey, his friend, David Miller, could do as well as 5th place if Michigan wins and he wins the tiebreaker.  Maybe he can afford a fancy house in Preston Hollow with his pool winnings.

Paul Buckner and Jeff Bratten have both played in the pool since 1998 and 2000, respectively.  Like Kyle Liner, they’ve never won one red cent.  Now, they just might win money if Michigan pulls off the upset (hard to think of it as an upset when the “underdog” was ranked #1 at one point in the year.)

Jay Thames won 3rd place two years ago and won it all.  He also won first in his first year in the pool, 2006.  That netted him $2,963.  Yowsers.  He could get either 3rd, 4th or 5th this year is Louisville wins.

Darren O’Conor is an Aggie and is therefore used to being a loser.  So if Louisville loses, he can handle it.  But if they win, he’ll go full on Aggie and tell the world that this is proof that the Aggies are the greatest thing that has ever happened to mankind and that God loves Aggies and that UT is the evil empire and one day it will be wiped off this planet when God’s plan is fulfilled.  And now that he has had one good season this year, a streak has started that will probably end with a National Championship within 2 years.  No, I’m kidding.  Aggies are always reasonable.

Caiden Marlowe is one of the few kids who is old enough that he actually filled out his own bracket.  And he’s beating you.

Andrew Aguilar wins money if Louisville wins, but Sandra does if Michigan wins.  Andrew is 8 yrs old, so he may have filled out his own bracket.  Not sure if he got help.  Sandra Aguilar is 38 yrs old and definitely did her own bracket.

39) He’s an Xbox. And I’m more like an Atari…

Hail to the victor valliant…

Michigan won.  So it comes down to this

If Louisville wins:

1  Michael “Drunken” Dunkin
2 Steve “F” Sowers
3t Jay “Won This Thang” Thames
3t Darren “Darin'” O’Conor
3t Adam “Beats up Kinkaid kids’ Mallia
6t Caiden “Smarter than Daddy” Marlowe
6t Andrew “Claro” Aguilar

If Michigan takes the cheese:

1 Jeff “Smarter than Owen” Bratten
2t Michael “Whatevs” Dunkin
2t Paul “the Haul” Buckner
2t Sandra “?Quienes Andrew?” Aguilar
5t David “For Realz??” Miller
5t Steve “Still just an F” Sowers