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31) My flo, my show, they brought me the dough…

Sixteen people have a chance to win money on their bracket; everyone can still win on the quotation contest. (Info on the quotation contest will come early part of next week.)

First place is down to only three people: Michael Dunkin, Paul Buckner and Jeff Bratten. 

  • Dunkin wins as long as Louisville wins. 
  • If Syracuse goes to the Championship game, Paul Buckner wins. 
  • If Michigan goes over Syracuse, Jeff Bratten wins.

The following people can also win prize money:

Aguilar, Sandra  <—once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
Anderson, Scott (3)  <—- voted for Gore
Collins christopher  <—- just got a job at Northwestern
Sowers, Steve II   <—ain’t no thang but a chicken wang on a strang
Mallia, Adam   <—- I used to beat him up for fun. Not now.
O’Conor, Darren    <——spends his vacation days at truck stops
Thames, Jay   <—– Has won the pool before
Bratten, Owen  <——- Not old enough to legally gamble.  If he wins, I will just donate to charity
Friou, Elise <—-I thought she needed Duke to win, but I was wrong.  Whatever.  Go Cuse
MAG 7  <—- That boy ain’t right
Miller, David 1    <— Won’t win. 
Aguilar, Andrew  <—- Wha?  Serz?  Whatevz.
Marlowe, Caiden  <—  Smart kid.  Dumb dad.

Check out scenario report.  Use drop down box at top left.

29) Boy it’s more than I dare to think about…

Florida is a state full of white trash camaro driving rednecks that live in double-wides.

Yes, Florida just lost and took down my and Elliot’s brackets.

Michigan won and Elise Friou and Kim Hock are continuing their highly improble ride of staying alive.  Good job, girls.  You both need Duke to win this afternoon.

With 3 of 4 games played in this round, we have a ton of 0-fers and a handful of people that have won one game.  Nobody has won two games.  Madness.


28) Man it’s a hot one…

I wrote yesterday that Kim Hock needed to have all 7 remaining games go her way to be able to win sixth place.  She won 2 yesterday.  It occurred to me today that if Jesus could come back to life after being dead 3 days, then surely Kim could win 5 games in a row.  Two are today.

First there is the Gator Bowl between Florida and Michigan.  My mind says Michigan but my wallet says Florida.

And then we have what should be a Final Four matchup in Louisville v Duke.  CBS is absolutely salivating over this one.  And then we get a little Astros/Rangers matchup before Game of Thrones Season 3 premiers.

27) …The ice we skate is getting pretty thin. The waters getting warm so you might as well swim…

Shit just got real.

The Syracuse Orange Slices just dismissed Marquette Cheeseheads like they were goin out of style and then we saw the Shockers eliminate tOSU in a performance that was much more dominating then the final score conveys.  F’n Shockers.  Shocking, them Shockers.

Brett Planck is in “first place” but he has tOSU to win it all, so pay no mind to him.

Paul Buckner is probably looking better than anybody (well, I’ve never seen Amber Charboneau, but methinks she looks pretty good) but he needs Cuse to win it all or at least make the championship game.

Tad Delaney lost all his hopes and dreams with Marquette losing.

Tad loses
Daddy boozes
Ain’t no thing
Cuz Marquette is ‘Cuse’s

Owen and Jeff Bratten are close to the top of the standings.  They both have Indiana.  Ha Ha.  Please make your donation next year again!  Hoosiers are losers.

 Baird is an A-Clown
Runnin’ ’round H-town
His foot goes down
On a pile from a hound

Watch out for Greene, John
He’s laying on Harvard’s lawn
Louisville, Fla and Cuse under his arm
Yeah, he’s ready to pop some Dom

 I failed to appreciate the significance of the Syracuse / Indiana game the other night.  It was a rematch of that historic game 26 years ago except this time the good guys won.  In case you don’t appreciate the significance of that game to this pool, read up on some history

Pls send me some pics of

  • John Greene lookking stupid
  • Amber Charboneau looking hot
  • Needham dunking
  • Canonico with a girl within 10 years of his own age
  • Trampe not being a dufus
  • Anne Freeman dressed up spiffy for the Park Lover’s Ball

25) The velvet it rips in the city, we tripped on the urge to feel alive…

I just had a wonderful memory.  This pool is full of scum and villiany some of the brightest minds on the planet.  We have Ivy League grads, Lee grads, commodity traders, lawyers from fancy law firms, and investment bankers.  So while we also have idiots like Trampe and Baird, we do have a lot of bright minds.  But not just any kind of bright.  These people are highly analytical and quantitative.  They love concepts like arbitrage and backwardization.  In fact, that’s their attraction to this pool: they think they see an arbitrage opportunity of which they can take advantage.

About 15 years ago the pool entry fee was $15 but the last place prize was $20.  All these bright minds missed an opportunity, but my sister did not.  She sent in a bracket with nothing but upsets and all 16 seeds in the Final Four.  She sent me an email asking if she needed to mail in her entry fee, or if she should save the postage and just net settle for $5 when I saw her for Easter.

She outsmarted you all.

24) I just wanna see some palm trees…

Aside from Rich Sharko being a lock for last and some witty soul winning the quotation contest, there are only 62 people in the hunt for money.  The rest of you get a participation trophy (Kyle Liner, incidently, invented the participation trophy because he thinks competition just hurts feelings).

If your mind’s operating system is Excel (I’m looking at all you accountants), you might like this format.

You can see that not all 62 of us are created equally.  Kim Hock, for instance can do no better than 6th place, but to do that, she has to have every game from her on out play out perfectly, including Wichita State winning it all and even then she needs a tiebreaker to get 6th.

On the other end of the spectrum is Michael “I know, right?” Dunkin who pretty much just needs favorites to win from here on out.

Then you have people like Tad Delaney who wins in 40 out of 128 scenarios, but almost all of those scenarios involve Marquette winning it all, which is like saying that Needham could pick up chicks in college in 1/2 of all situations, with those half requiring him to grow 6 inches over night.  Other than that, he’s a lock.

I love you guys.  I get a lot of presents from you this time of year from you.  Here is a sampling of what has shown up the past week:

  •  20 canadian dollars (John “Vanilla Ice” Williamson)
  • $10 to buy a TCU SAE hat (Tim “the gem” Nelson)
  • 13 cents (Jeff “the Fish” McInnis)
  • $15 for Bloody Marys at Nasty’s (Amber “Baby Mama” Tierce)
  • $50 Gift Certificate to House of Beer Taps (Jayson “L” Baird)
  • 15 bucks gift certificate for Rajin Cajun (Rob “the knob” Hyatt)
  • Ice cream, cookies and frapuccino (Anne “Gotdam” Freeman)
  • CC Deville (Poison) trading card (Davis “FEVER” Rushing)
  • Jerry Built burgers coupon (John “Phi Alpha” Wheeler)
  • multiple coupons, including Rodeo carnival which is of course expired (Beau “the ho” Ryan)
  • $10 to buy Shiner (Martin “Rout 66” Buniva).

Martin finally figured out that it was cheaper to send me money to go buy Shiner than to buy it in Philadelphia, box it up and ship it (back) to Texas.

There are many other tips/gifts, and I appreciate them all.  Shannon Young misunderstood the whole thing and wrote “You want a tip? Here’s one: ‘look both ways before you cross the street’.  ”



23) Sitting around the house, watching the sun trace shadows on the floor. Searching for signs of life, but there’s nobody home…

Florida put away those pesky FGCU Caddies, and Coach K put the hurt on Izzo and the Fighting Izzos.  Michael Dunkin is all alone in first place, and Rich Sharko has clinched the $20 prize for last place.   Michael has been in and out of first place as frequently as Luthman goes in and out of In and Out.

The scenario report has been updated for the 128 (2^5) scenarios.  Elise, Elliot and I are still in the hunt for money (go Florida!), but Melinda and Jim Friou will have to find another source of retirement funding as they no longer have a dog in this race.

The 26 people that have Kansas to win it all are hosed, as well as the seven that picked Sparty.  Rich Paterson had Sparty to win it all.  He’s now on the short list of people who have no more teams at all left in the tournament.

While I was very happy to see Florida keep my bracket alive, I will miss all the coverage of FGCU and Andy Enfield’s ex-model wife.





22) We all do it the same….

The anticipation is too much.   I can’t take it.  I know it’s just another week…But enough about Game of Thrones, let’s talk basketball…

Michigan just made kansas thier little prison love mate.  All Michigan players now aslep with a ittle Bil Self dolll that they stabe e littleeeps  pind and tell to pud off. wuld.


That happens.  It’s science.

Brett Planck and Michael Dunckin are rockin the top of the pool.   Elise will take them over as the Orangemen keep winning.